I workout regularly and also work straight night shift at the hospital, so from time to time I need a pick me up. However, I do not drink caffeine much! So I was looking for something to give me a boost on my night shift but also didn’t have caffeine. Badger Nutrition Amino Acids do just that! I love the boost it gives me without getting super tired afterwards! I also take it before I workout, and drink it even during my workouts sometimes to help keep me going! I do love the pre-workout also, I need it for those days that I only get a couple hours of sleep after a long night shift. I mix about half the recommended amount (because I don’t drink much caffeine), and it gives me the perfect amount of energy to get the workout done! I love the flavors sour apple and blue raspberry! Thanks Badger Nutrition for having the best tasting products and reasonably priced products!

Stephanie Petersen

I wouldn’t go anywhere else. This company is on top of every order. The protein is the best I’ve had, both in flavor & quality. There are minimal ingredients & it still mixes easily. I introduced it to the gym I work at & we now use it for all our smoothies, pumping out an average of 50 per day. I also use the pre-workout & cycle the creatine which get me into the grove for a good lift, especially on days I’m dragging. The blue raspberry flavor is easily my favorite. Thanks, keep up the great work!

Erin Tallard

I’m really happy to have found a product line that delivers as promised! I can’t say enough about Badger Up pre-workout. It has made 5 a.m. workouts not only bearable, but extremely productive. Energy without jitters! Also, the protein powder is fantastic. A great tasting, clean protein! Badger Nutrition is the real deal!

Kevin Kolovitz

Can’t emphasize enough on the benefits of the full line of supplements. I recently completed a 365 day challenge where I had to make it to the gym everyday and get a hour of lifting weights or cardio. I hit a wall on day 150 and on day 200 I found out about Badger Nutrition and it changed the final 165 days I had left. Astounding supplements, highly recommend to people that are serious about their physical strength and health!

Nolan Shea

Badger Nutrition….. What can I say, but very impressed all around!! I ordered the Badger Up preworkout, the Citrulline Malate, and Xtreme Creatine. First, love the buzz, lasting energy, and endurance the Badger Up gives me, WoW! I take a little of the Citrulline Malate in the morning and afternoon for increased energy, or sometimes with Badger Up for a super intense workout! I’m also very impressed with the strength and muscle gain I’ve gotten over a very short time period taking the Xtreme Creatine. Love the product and will continue to order. Best bang for your buck out there!!! Thanks Badger Nutrition. !

Matt Schoeller

I tried the watermelon pre-workout and citrulline malate. I’ve tried numerous pre-workout products and this is easily the most soluble, easy-to-drink powder I’ve had. The taste is also a great watermelon flavor. Top notch. I felt the beta alanine tingle about 12 minutes after drinking, but it wasn’t crazy like some pre-workout. The perfect amount to let you know you’re ready for a great lift. I drank the malate with some Mio during my workout and I felt like I never tired. It was a great feeling to power through a workout and feel strong throughout. I highly recommend Badger Nutrition. I’m 34 and lifting more than I have since I was a 19-year-old athlete!

Brandon Woody

What an awesome lineup of products!!!! I take the Badger Up, Xtreme Creatine, and Citrulline Malate. The Badger Up Pre workout sour apple tastes like a green jolly rancher, taste is a big deal to me and these products are Superior to all others! Crazy Pump!!! Big Gains!!! Thanks Badger Nutrition!!!!

Jeff Paulson

Awesome stuff, plain and simple. There’s no gimmick and all of the products help you really do your best! There’s too many products out there making empty promises. This is the real deal with no fluff. Highly recommend…also the flavors rock!

Sam Lowe

These products are the BOMB!. I’ve added the Protein powder, badger up and the amino acids to my daily routine. The products have a great taste and do what they promote. As a female that watches everything I intake, these products are just what I need. I love the energy I have 🙂 Five Star!!!

Candi Peterson

Usually pre workout does nothing for me, but holy crap did I have an amazingly intense and focused work out with the Badger Up! No jitters, only mild tingling, great tasting and it lasted for the whole 2 hours!

Chris Kerig